Did you know that the average American spends around 10 hours a day on electronic devices? In comparison, the average American only gets about 7 hours of sleep a night. It is astounding to see the difference between how many hours we spend in front of a screen and how many hours we spend sleeping. The question then arises, how productive are we if we spend that much time on an electronic device? Now, most people are required to use technology when they are working so we will not discuss that because we can assume that by working they are being productive. What we will discuss is the time you are not at work but instead are just using technology to consume media.

Just think about how much work you could get done if instead of spending so much time on your phone using social media you were working on your well being and working towards achieving your goals. If your goal is to reach 10k followers on Instagram then, by all means, keep doing what you are doing. But, say your goal is to lose several pounds within 3 months then your productivity needs to increase if you hope to reach this goal. Every hour you waste on snapchat looking at stories or watching reality tv is an hour you will never get back.

Productivity is a big issue especially for students who are juggling a heavy workload and perhaps a part-time job. Imagine you are trying very hard to work on an assignment or a project but your phone keeps buzzing every two minutes and you keep looking at it to respond to a text or whatever else it might be. Most students can relate to this because this is how most of our “study time” goes by. Assignments and projects that could have been completed in a couple hours end up being completed in a week or only partially completed because of how unproductive we were with our time.

So how can one increase their productivity? The first thing you need to do is to get control of your electronic devices and not let them control you. By this I mean you need to reach a level of self control where can you turn off your phone for hours and focus on accomplishing something else. If you can do this consistently then I can guarantee that your productivity will greatly increase and you will be able to do all the things you never had time to do. The second thing you need to do is develop better time management skills. Knowing how to manage your time is the biggest factor in being productive. Everyone has that certain time during the day where they are most attentive and highly motivated during this time is when you want to work on your most demanding tasks.

Something to also remember is that being productive is not just about working but it is also about taking care of your well being. By this I mean making sure you get enough sleep at night, getting enough exercise and looking after your mental well being because this all plays a role in how productive you are. If you can put these things into practice then you are well on your way to being more productive in every area of your life.

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